Are you  searching for a Photographer to capture your wedding in an individual and unique way? I could be the one you’re looking for!

As a full-time photographer and devout Christian I firmly believe in marriage and I know, a wedding is more than just a ceremony. It’s a day full of raw emotions and I aim to not miss any of those moments of happiness, tension, tears of joy, and love. I shoot weddings with two cameras on a harness, with two different lenses attached. This combination makes me move around more on my feet which in turn allows for different perspectives of your wedding day. It allows me to capture an emotional, beautiful, life-changing event, and memories in which you can look at over and over again. Knowing that these images will have a place in your home and last for a lifetime is such an honor.

Below you can find the answers to frequently asked questions:

1) Will there be one or two persons of your team at our wedding?
That depends. If you book photography only, I will be shooting your wedding solo. If you add on videography to your photography package, I will bring an assistant along with me that I've trained personally to capture all of the video footage for me to edit in post. If you tack on the mirror photo booth along with photography and videography I will have a third person come to attend the booth during the reception. Some of my clients ask about a second photographer. Over my entire career I've shot all of my weddings solo. All the work you see on my website is my own. As mentioned above, I move around A LOT with how I set my two cameras up. So you shouldn't worry about me not being able to capture all the important parts of the day down to the tiny details. Also, the groom and groomsmen get ready super fast, usually within 30 minutes. I've always been able to schedule the day out with my clients so that I jump over to the guys while they're getting ready and then back over to the girls once they're done. Super easy.

2) Where are you located? Can I book you for a wedding in a different state or out of the country?
I'm located in Petal, Mississippi, which is right outside of Hattiesburg. I love to travel and will travel anywhere you're willing to pay for me to go! There is no travel fee for weddings with a Petal or Hattiesburg zip code. My travel fee is $0.50 a mile round trip from Petal if I'm driving. Please contact me for locations that require flying for further details on those travel fees.

3) For which time frame can you be booked?
I have three base packages: Up To 5 Hours, Up To 7 Hours, and Up To 9 Hours. I try not to book over 9 hours, but if it's needed additional hours can be purchased as an add-on.

4) Do any of your photography packages include engagement or bridal sessions?

They do not. Everyone is different and not everyone wants engagement or bridal portraits. So I let my clients build a customized package specifically for their needs. If you add Bridal Portraits on to your package I generally shoot that session a few weeks prior to the wedding at a location chosen or reserved by the bride. These are typically done Sunday afternoon/evenings. For Engagements I can do them as soon as you book and typically schedule those on Sunday afternoons or evenings as well. I have a really beautiful place for engagement pictures that we can use here in my hometown of Petal that includes a river, pond, fields, and a train bridge. But I leave it up to the couple to decide on the location. On my pricing page you will find 4 different steps listed to book with me (be sure to read ALL of the instructions in RED - it's important). For Step 1 you will pick your photography package. Step 2 you will choose any add-ons you want. (Add-ons in this section are already discounted and would cost more if booked separately.) Step 3 you will fill out the Wedding Contract (BONUS: You can fill out the Wedding Contract to receive a personalized quote down at the bottom, as the form calculates everything out for you in real time - and you don't have to submit the contract unless you're ready to.) Step 4 is submitting your booking fee amount that is listed at the bottom of the contract you just signed.

5) How do you manage payments?
For weddings, the booking fee is 50% of the grand total amount. The remaining 50% is due 30 days prior to the wedding. And don't worry, I will send you an email 1 week prior to the due date of your final payment to remind you that your due date is approaching. I accept payment through Venmo, PayPal, check, or cash. Your booking fee is exactly that, the fee to book with me.

6) Will all the pictures I receive back be edited?
Yes, all photos you receive will be edited and in high resolution for printing. I do not release unedited pictures to my clients under any circumstances. The way I shoot is I take pictures in groups/bursts. So on the wedding day you'll see me shoot like 5-7 pictures of one thing or pose. In post I look at these bursts of shots up close and choose the sharpest and clearest one to edit (and if people are involved I make sure everyone's eyes are open!). You will receive your pictures two different ways, one being a link to your personalized online gallery on my website with a pin number to download your pictures (your gallery will stay up on my website for 1 year) and also a USB flash drive with a print release that will allow you to print at a print shop of your choosing. 

7) How do you edit your pictures?
I use all Adobe software. For photography I use Lightroom and Photoshop, and for videography I use Premiere Pro, Audition, and After Effects. I've developed my own presets and color schemes that adds deep feelings and moods to your photographs. Every photographer has a "style" of editing and I feel my style resonates well with my clients, as they have all loved the final result. I have had a few clients ask me prior to booking if I would be willing to edit their wedding lighter/brighter/airier/greener/etc, however I feel that this does a disservice to my style and why they came to me in the first place, so I reserve the right to edit in my own style and how I normally edit. When it 'feels' right I will edit some pictures in black and white. You will also have the ability to change any colored image directly in your wedding gallery to black and white.

8) How many pictures of our wedding will we get back?
This is a very common question, and one of the hardest to answer specifically. I don't put a limit on the pictures I edit. I edit as many as I can that are in focus and aren't duplicates. And I can't give an exact amount because there are a ton of variables involved. It could be anywhere from 400 – 900 images, depending on the photo package booked, weather, size of families and wedding party, venue choice, length of reception, etc.

9) What kind of Equipment do you use?
I use only the top of the line, professional equipment. For photography I have three Canon 6D Mark II bodies (one is for backup if one of my two main bodies goes down) and for videography I have a Sony A7III and two Canon 6D bodies. This equipment is combined with top of the line prime and zoom lenses with superb glass quality. Of course I also use flashes/LED lights if absolutely necessary. For aerial shots/video I use a DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone.

10) Do you use flashes very often or natural/available light?
For weddings I prefer available and natural light, but will use flashes when the natural light isn’t adequate. I have never used my flashes during a ceremony. I prefer to not distract anyone during that special moment. A special note, all cameras MUST have some light in order to focus. Some couples like to turn off almost all lights during the reception, but if you do this I will not be able to take pictures, so just be aware. If my cameras are having trouble focusing during a dark atmosphere I will be sure to inform you so we can make a lighting adjustment.

11) When will we get the photos after our wedding?
In the contract it says that your photos/videos will be completed within 1 month, but typically you will receive everything back within 1 week! Yes, THAT FAST! (If I have two weddings in one weekend it may take a bit longer.) I typically have one wedding every weekend so I like to complete each of my weddings within a week so I don't snowball and get behind. Plus, I know how bad my clients want to see their pictures right after the wedding!

12) The online client gallery, how does it work?
Your personal online gallery is launched within four weeks after your wedding. These pictures are able to be downloaded at no extra cost to you, as this is included in your photography package details. You also will have the ability to order prints and canvases of all sizes directly from your gallery. This is an optional service. The professional print shop that services my client's orders does an absolutely phenomenal job and the quality beats Walmart and Walgreens photo labs, hands down. When you order directly from my gallery the print shop will not print the watermark in the lower right hand corner. The pin that will be given to you along with your gallery link is for you only. Please do not give this out. If family and guests wish to purchase photos (digital download, prints, or canvases) they can do so directly from the gallery.

13) Can we order wedding albums from you?
YES! You can add a fine art wedding album to your photography package, or you can do it after the wedding at the same price. I will have you go through your online gallery and "star" 70 of your favorite pictures. I will use those "starred" pictures to create a proof of your wedding album and then send you the proof for your final approval. Once the album has your stamp of approval I will send it off to the print shop and once completed they will ship it to your front door.

14) How far should we book in advance?
Many couples book more than one year in advance. But there are also some spontaneous requests. So the earlier you contact me, the better the chances are that your date is still available on my calendar. Just contact me as soon as your date is set, or if you do not have a date set yet I can give you a list of dates that I'm currently available.

15) Can we meet up before booking?
Of course, I love getting to know new people and couples. As you can probably guess, as photographer my weekends are absolutely slammed and my wife works nights Monday through Thursday, so lunch usually works best for me. Though statistically speaking, I only meet about 2% of my clients in person prior to the wedding, so if we don't meet up before hand, it's OKAY! I'm super fast at responding to any questions you might have and I'm usually able to clear up any concerns via email or video chat via Skype, Google Hangouts/Duo, Facebook Messenger, or FaceTime. And of course you can call or text me anytime at 601-307-1864.

16) What and when do you eat on our wedding day?
I eat what you eat! Prior to the ceremony I eat quickly when I can, usually just snaking on wedding day platters and food that's provided. During the reception I always eat when the Bride and Groom eats, so save me a plate! And if you book videography save an additional plate for my assistant please!

17) Are you licensed, insured, and bonded?

Yes! I'm an official FAA Licensed Unmanned Aircraft Pilot (for drone footage), I have a surety bond through Liberty Mutual, and an EXTREMELY good photography insurance policy through The Hartford. Some venues require a certificate of insurance! If this is the case, contact me and I can produce my certificate of insurance upon request.

18) So what happens AFTER I book you?

After you book your wedding with me the fun begins! I will send you an email titled 3 Requests. Inside of the email I will give you two wedding day timing diagrams, one with a Bride and Groom first look, another without a first look, to help you plan out your day and to make sure you give me enough time to capture everything perfectly. The email will also have an attachment of an editable MS Word document titled Shot List. You will open this Shot List and edit the entire document with you computer or phone specifically for your wedding with first names, so when the big day comes we can quickly call out who is on deck to get their picture taken. This makes taking group pictures effortless and very quick! There's no need to list out specific shots that I normally capture (first kiss, exchanging of rings, cake cutting, etc), however, if there is a very specific shot that is not normal please list it so I know to get it! The third request is details about the ceremony and reception locations so I can get a good idea of what the location will look like.

19) When do you normally show up on the Wedding Day?

This really depends on which package you choose, but for the longer 7 and 9 hour packages I usually show up at the tail end of hair and makeup to capture the final touch ups, and then I will take pictures of all the girls in their robes and detail shots, like the wedding dress hanging up, invitations, jewelry, bouquet, shoes, etc. There's usually no need for me to show up at the very beginning before everyone has makeup on.

20) How long do you normally stay on the Wedding Day?

Again, the wedding package really determines this, but I usually stay to the very end, but if you would like to do a fake leave/send off it's completely normal. If you choose to do a fake leave I normally leave after that. Bonus Advice: I've never had a wedding reception go over 4 hours. Most of your guests will start to leave after they've ate and had a piece of cake, so if you want lots of guests in your pictures for the bouquet toss, garter toss, and the send off I would try to plan your reception to be around 2 hours with 3 at the max, or at least plan for a fake leave for then and then continue the party afterwards.

21) Okay, I DEFINITELY want you as my photographer! How can I see more details about your packages and pricing?

Heck yeah! And great question! I always like to check my calendar to make sure I'm available before we start talking packages and pricing. So click on "Contact" on the navigation bar above, fill out the form and send it on over! I'll try to email you back as fast as possible, usually within the hour, and let you know if I have your wedding date available. If it's a Saturday I may be a little sluggish at responding as I'm probably shooting a wedding! If I have your date available I'll be sure to let you know and then send you over the password to my pricing page!

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